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9 January 2017

Title: Global Nuclear Power Database
Keywords: #Nuclear #Energy #Interactive
Appearance: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 2017, WNISR, 2021
Authors: Julie Hazemann, Philippe Rekacewicz, Philippe Rivière, Mycle Schneider
Created: January 2017
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How many of the 55 reactors currently under construction in the world are behind schedule? Which 13 countries are building nuclear power plants? Who are the technology providers? How long did it take for a specific reactor to be connected to the grid? For how long were the 90 units actually under construction before they were abandoned?

If you wish to find out these and more details about any of the 754 nuclear reactors that have been under construction sometime between 1951 and 2017, explore the Global Nuclear Power Database, now available on the website of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report.