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14 September 2018

Title: Murphey Butterfly Projection
Author: Rhoads Murphey (1919-2012)
Creation Date: Unknown.
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I found this image in William Bunge’s book Theoretical Geography (1966), page 51 — where it is described as a “radically interrupted projection (…) invented by Rhoads Murphey of the Department of Geography, University of Washington”.

It appears to have eight regular octants, each projected with something that looks like an azimuthal equal-area face projection, and cut at the poles at about ±80°. A rotation of 35° east gives the chosen aspect.

↬ Philippe Rivière.

Here’s a recreation of Murphey’s projection with D3.js (code).

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Murphey Butterfly Projection
Implementation with D3.js: September 2018