We won’t die the dog’s death

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13 May 2020


The struggles often meet and overlap, like those of the Kurds and the French “yellow vests”. The same struggle for freedom and social equality meets the identical repression. Drawing artist Mamoste Dîn introduces to us the self-managed camp of Kurdish refugees in Lavrio, Greece. In a pendular motion between Greece and France and between individual experiences and political fights of Kurdish activists, we follow the young Judith who came to document the daily life of the camp. We will get to know and deeply appreciate its dwellers.

To access the full graphic novel, click on the cover below. An interview with the author is available in French, Kurdish and Turkish.

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“A week ago, in a migrant squat in Jaures, a mixed assembly dealing with feminism took place. At the end of the assembly a woman spoke. She pointed to a man with her finger...”

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The crazy woman

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“I’m not afraid anymore of getting arrested or beaten up.”

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The mother

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↬ Mamoste Dîn

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