Women Farmers in the Loneliness of Onion Fields

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16 November 2017


Gender inequalities are thought to have first appeared with the advent of agriculture, when a clear distinction was made between the role of women and men in all spheres of social life. Men in creation and production, women in reproduction and in the home. The invention of the plow is therefore the earliest root of humanity’s long history of discrimination against women. Finally, the privatization of land and the “green revolutions” have concentrated material and financial resources essentially in the hands of men. In the 21st century, the status of women engaged in agricultural activity has changed little. Throughout the ages and all geographical areas, their contributions are almost always forgotten.

by Agnès Stienne

artist & cartographer


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Women working in agriculture
Agnès Stienne, 2016.
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Rate of women in the agricultural labour force
Agnès Stienne, 2016.
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Women holders of agricultural land
Agnès Stienne, 2016.
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Women holders of agricultural land as a percentage of the female labour force
Agnès Stienne, 2016.


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Difference in educational attainment of farm managers
Agnès Stienne, 2016.


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In the loneliness of an onion field
Agnès Stienne, 2016.


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Distribution of employment by sex and sector
Agnès Stienne, 2016.


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Women in the agricultural labour force and feminization
Agnès Stienne, 2016.


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Rural employment by category and sex


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Inequalities in rural wage employment: Panamá against the tide
Agnès Stienne, 2016.


Most of the information used in this study were sourced from the FAO report, “Women in Agriculture Closing the gender gap for development”, 2011.

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